Our tool room is equipped to build any new tooling required as well as maintain the entire fleet of customer tooling for production.

We specialize in hard milling of tool steels up to 62Rc. And have the capability to run lights out.

We are also capable of handling outsource work from other companies, die cast and plastic injection components as well as small to medium size plate work.

Materials we typically machine are: H13, P20, 4140, O-1, A2, CRS, Aluminum

Machine Descriptions:
Okuma MA-650VB: Year 2000 Table Size – 60×26

Spindle Nose to table Distance – 40 Inch
X Travel – 60 Inch
Y Travel – 26 Inch
Z Travel – 24 Inch
Cat 50 6000 RPM 800lbs Torque Gear Spindle, 180 PSI Through Spindle Coolant

OkumaMC-V4020: Year 2006

Table Size – 48×20
X Travel – 40 Inch
Y Travel – 20 Inch
Z Travel – 18 Inch
Cat 40 15000 RPM Spindle

Makino F5: Year 2015

Table Size – 39.4×19.7
X Travel – 35.4
Y Travel – 19.7
Z Travel – 17.7
HSK A63 20,000 RPM Spindle. Equipped with Blum Laser

CAM Software
Mastercam 2017 – 1 Seat
Camtool V12 – 2 Seats

Work Holding – Combination of Vise’s, angle plates and Magnets (Tecnomagnete/Brisc)

Tool Holders – We use a combination of MST Shrink Fit, Hydraulic and high precision collet holders to maintain high accuracy and surface finish with low runout.

Tooling – We have a large Inventory of high precision carbide cutting tools.